M/C Reel Company Inc. Since 1982 - Family Owned & Operated Supplying Custom Quality MDF Reels To Metal Stampers Increase Your Profits by using Quality made MDF Reels to Protect your Product.
M/C Reel Company Inc.Since 1982 - Family Owned & OperatedSupplying Custom Quality MDF Reels To Metal Stampers Increase Your Profits by using Quality madeMDF Reels to Protect your Product.

M/C Reel Co Inc / Quality Materials & Craftsmanship for better standards

MC REEL CO INC, we specialize in custom built MDF ( Medium Density Fiberboard ) Reels for the metal stamping and the wire & cable industry, we can make Reels in size diameter from 6.000 to 60.000 with cores from 4.000 diameter to 18.000 made from Chipboard or solid wood. we have the capability to seal the edges of our wood cores if your worried about contamination of wood particals. We can build your products by order to order or by a blanket order with set release dates to insure a locked in price should the market change. Discounts are based on large quantitie orders or if paid within a 10-day period for smaller jobs based per our decision, our friendly staff will take your order into production and notify you when ready and arrange shipping per your instructions using your shipping method or prepay with our discount and bill you when shipped. 

Don't settle for less when you can have the best, Our packaging standards are top of the line, our team will insure your product reaches you securely and as you would expect it.

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5 Michael Ct

Mound House, NV 89706


Phone: 775 246-7600

Fax:     775 246-3980


Sales Mgr: Michael Samuels


Email: mcreelco@sbcglobal.net


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Mon - Friday 8:30/am to 6:30/pm

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